About me

I am a full stack web developer, living in India. Building intuitive, responsive, fast and dynamic web app is my passion.

Favourote stacks

Currently, I am really enjoy working with these stacks:


Javascript is weird but awesome, while Typescript requires a lot more efforts, but if you stick to it, it will make your day much easier, and much better output.


Best JavaScript library for building UI right now, especially with new features like Functional Component and Hooks.


A Framework can really do a lot of heavy lifting for you in developing. And for starter, it provides a blueprint of frontend web development.


Somehow I like to write some raw CSS code in Styled-Component, instead of a lot of class name like Bootstrap and Tailwind, and with Styled-Component, I don't need to worry too much about coming up new variable|class names


I have quite mix feeling on Redux, a lot of boilerplate but still a good tool for an unavoidable state management issue in React. But right now, with Redux Tool Kit, I am quite happy with it.

Stacks to learn

Stacks that I am keen on learning:

React Native:

It's React, and can be deployed on many platforms, so it is hot.


I spent quite some time learning Golang last year, I really like it. Hope I got some times to practice and further learn it this year.

Favourite tools

My favourite tools:


Best code editor I have used

Material Design Color Tool:



Terminal I am using tight now